Grid Down BUGOUT 1.61 kWh Portable Power Station Bundle

BUGOUT 1.61kWh Portable Power Station + Complete EMP Shield Protection

Grid Down Bugout 1.61 kWh Portable Energy Storage System Bundle with EMP Shield protection defense

BUGOUT 1.61 kWh Bundle

Welcome to the Grid Down Bugout 1.61 kWh Portable Power Station.

  • FAST CHARGE TIME: Achieve a full wall-to-battery charge in just 2.3 hours.The Bugout can also retain a charge for more than 1 year.
  • POWERED BY THE SUN: Connect up to 600 watts of Solar Panels to quickly charge your system while on the go or at home. 
  • EXTENDED USE: With a 3,500 cycle industry leading 5 year warranty, it’s built to last for daily, extended use.
  • MULTIPLE OUTPUTS: Connect multiple devices via AC, USB, or 12V connections – the options are plentiful!
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Carrying handles make transportation a breeze, at 57lbs and only 50lbs for the Bugout + Expansion Pack.
  • POWER TO SPARE: Unleash the power with an initial 6,000W surge for those moments when you need that extra boost.
  • INCLUDED IN BUNDLE: 1x Bugout 1.61 kWH Portable ESS (Lion Energy Sanctuary), 1x Plugin EMP Shield, 1x XL Faraday Bag

$2,917 $2,597 ($320 Savings)

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