A Complete, Affordable, and Robust Solar Energy System for Any Off Grid or Grid Tied Application.


1x Hybrid Inverter / Charger – 8K Output

3x LiFeP04 Lithium Batteries – 40.5kWh Total

36x Panels – 250 Watts Each

EMP Shield Protection (Entire System)

All Cables & Mounting Hardware

Original price was: $92,397.00.Current price is: $76,497.00.

Grid Down ReDoubt Off Grid Solar System

The Grid Down Redoubt is one of the worlds most robust, affordable, and complete solar systems available on the market. Based around the Lion Energy Sanctuary solar inverter and LiFeP04 energy storage battery system, our Redoubt provides an advanced energy solution of off grid and grid-tied applications. Every system we sell comes with everything needed to use the system including: panels, cables, and EMP Shield (EMP, CME, and lightning protection) ensuring your system remains operational even during the worst times. 

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Grid Down ReDoubt Off Grid Solar Energy System